Welcome to our interactive articulatory accent database! Dynamic Dialects contains an articulatory video-based corpus of speech samples from world-wide accents of English. Videos in this corpus contain synchronised audio, ultrasound-tongue-imaging video and video of the moving lips. We are continuing to augment the database.

The website contains three main resources:

  • A clickable Accent Map: clicking on points of the map will open up links to ultrasound tongue videos showing a comparable set of words and a spontaneous speech excerpt for speakers of world-wide Englishes
  • A clickable Accent Chart: this provides ultrasound tongue and lip video for a comparable set of words and a spontaneous speech excerpt for speakers of world-wide Englishes. You can filter by accent, gender, and agerange.
  • An introduction to UTI and lip video recording techniques.

For modelled International Phonetic Association (IPA) speech samples produced by trained phoneticians, which also includes Magnetic Resonance Imaging and 2-D Animations as well as Ultrasound Tongue Imaging and lip video, please visit our sister website, Seeing Speech.

Creation of the resource

This online resource is a product of the collaboration between researchers at six Scottish Universities: the University of Glasgow, Queen Margaret University Edinburgh, Edinburgh Napier University, the University of Strathclyde, the University of Edinburgh and the University of Aberdeen.

How to refer to this resource:

Lawson, E., Stuart-Smith, J., Scobbie, J. M., Nakai, S. (2018). Dynamic Dialects: An articulatory web resource for the study of accents. University of Glasgow. Accessed 17th July 2024. https://www.dynamicdialects.ac.uk/

Licencing information

This work is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0

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